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  • HOUR
  • 9:00 am

    Welcome Remarks; Hemp the Trending Topic

    Noemí Perez

    President of PRMedCann.Biz & Director of Cannaworks

    Ingrid Schmidt

    VP of PRMedCann.Biz, Director of Cannaworks, President of PRMCA & Board Member of the Medical Cannabis Regulation Board

  • Puerto Rico: The Perfect Arena for Growing HEMP; know the benefits and incentives that apply to the industry

    Manuel Laboy Rivera, Eng

    Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce of Puerto Rico

  • Global Hemp Industry; World Data & Market Estimates and how Puerto Ricos plans to become a Top player

    John Davis

    CEO of the Northwest Patient Resource Center

  • Legal Framework; Play by the Rules

    José Ojeda, Esq

    President Cruz Verde Inc

  • Turning your Crop into product

    David M. Kline, PhD

    Blue Grass Hemp

  • Cultivation 101; Hemp Seeds and how to Turn your land into Cash

  • 12:00 pm

    Banking the Hemp and Cannabis Industry; Sponsored Lunch

  • CBD; The Healing Power of Hemp

  • CBD as Food Supplement and Pharmaceutical / Business Models in the Hemp Industry; Oil and Protein for Food and Feed

  • Business Models in the Hemp Industry; Fibres & Shives for Construction

    Fernando Gil, Esq

    Secretary of Housing of Puerto Rico

  • Business Models in the Hemp Industry Biocomposites, Insulation and Textiles

  • Stocks and Investment Opportunities in the Hemp / Cannabis Business

    Scott Giannotti

    "THE HEMP COACH" Founder of Cannabis & Hemp Association, CEO Agricultural Evolution International, Inc.

  • Q & A With Hemp Experts

  • 5:00 pm


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