Puerto Rico HempBiz is a conference for farmers, investors, businessmen or anyone interested in exploring opportunities in the nascent Hemp Industry. In one day the program will provide the tools and business intelligence to take the first steps into this dynamic environment.

The topics will address agriculture aspects and manufacture of products, developing markets, regulation, public policy and research, among others. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with panelists and experts through question and answer sessions.


¿Do you want to be part of the history of Hemp?

¡Take part in this unique opportunity!


¿Why Hemp in Puerto Rico?


  • In September 2020, Puerto Rico received the approval of its state plan from the Federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) opening the way for the commercialization of hemp in all its forms.
  • On December 28, 2018, the Honorable Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Roselló ordered the creation of the Office for the Licensing and Inspection of hemp.
  • Over 2,800 hours of sun a year
  • Grow up to 3 crops a year
  • Attractive Incentives for farmers, manufacturers and research projects.
  • Government land and properties available for rent
  • Highly skilled human capital in agriculture and manufacturing workers
  • Its unique location could serve as a bridge between mainland usa and latin america and/or europe.
  • Special incentives (law 20-22) for investors and resident companies
  • No passport needed or any special documentation for U.S. Citizens working on the island.
  • Banking and United States Currency (Dollar)
  • Investment is protected by the laws of the federal government of the United States of America



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