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Growing Industrial hemp requires a high degree of skill to be competitive with ever-increasing market demands. Implementing a well-planned strategy can mean the difference between operating a profitable & compliant cultivation and or manufacturing business.


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Ingrid Schmidt

PRMedCannBiz Partner


Ingrid is a forward looking banking leader whose strengths includes commercial and residential financing, revamping underperforming products, business and pricing strategies, net worth client pipelines, and administrative skills with strict regulatory compliance. 



Mimi Pérez

PRMedCannBiz Partner


CEO of GreenBook Academy, President in Puerto Rico MedCann.Biz, Co- founder Cannaworks staffing, Founding Board Member in Puerto Rico Cannabis Association, Founder and Board member and Director Cannaworks Institute

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Noemi “Mimi” Perez is a highly pragmatic problem solver and a born entrepreneur who has deployed and driven-to-success multiple startups that range from retail concepts to banking to comprehensive training and certification programs.

Throughout the years Mimi has developed a broad vision that combined with her drive and dedication, makes her a very effective strategist and implementor.

She has led buying offices in the US, LATM and Asia, and lived all over the globe, resulting in an expended vision of diverse markets and consumer behaviors. Noemi joined Next BDG in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008 where she started her formal business development consulting days. In that capacity, for six years she lead MUNICIPIUM, a government relations department where she focused on improving peoples’ lives though technological solutions.

The combination of past experiences gave her the ideal foundation for one of the largest industries of the century, the Cannabis Industry. Hand in hand with the Health Department and the Economic Development Department of Puerto Rico she took the job of launching the Medical Cannabis Industry on the island. By using conventional and grass roots educational methods as her main tool, she worked to break stigmas and implement a medical cannabis program within the community.

From “Seed-to-Patients” her differing bilingual startups in the field have trained and staffed over 15.000 people including doctors, cultivators, manufacturers and dispensary technicians, as well as policy makers, in Puerto Rico and the State of Florida. Her resume includes 5 Editions of PRMedCannBiz with more than 60 speakers from all over the world; 24 faculty members at the Cannaworks Institute and offices in Argentina, Colombia, the Caribbean and Florida.

Today she is leading others into the future of technical careers and online education programs. Some of her brands include: Cannaworks Institute & Staffing, PrMedcannbiz and Hempbiz.

Noemi attended Tulane University in New Orleans. A Globetrotter at heart, she is mother to 2 handsome boys and a full time Cannabis Advocate. Currently, she is directing her projects based out of Winter Park, Florida. Most importantly, Mimi is always focused on moving forward within very specific and defined metrics to target her objectives and measure success.


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Hemp Farm Design & Operational Planning Activities

Design a functioning & scalable layout for hemp production based on geography of land and/or greenhouse footprint focused on optimizing growth strategies and streamlining operations to maximize workflow

Develop an operational plan using regulatory hemp knowledge and experience and utilizing commercial horticulture/agricultural best practices

Provide recommendations for Client’s business formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities and will discuss other project goals and deliverables


Equipment Identification & Sourcing Activities

Develop a hemp farm equipment list based on previous industry knowledge & experience, farm layout, production capabilities and other agronomic inputs Leverage industry relationships to source cultivation equipment identified within the developed equipment list.

Consultant will not add any markup to equipment orders Source and procure cultivation facility equipment based on Consultant’s developed cultivation facility equipment list

Hemp Cultivation Operations, Schedule and Yield Forecast

Cultivation operations include execution of the operation plan including but not limited to seed germination, pre-plant bed preparation, irrigation preparation, clone transplanting, hemp harvesting, and post-harvest processes

Sourcing all required human capital to deploy the cultivation functions in accordance with the developed standard operating procedures

Genetics Sourcing and Distribution of Seeds and Clones

Drive negotiations and access to multiple sources of feminized or industrial seed varieties that come from certified seed dealers with proven genetics with proven success for your specific farming region

Assistance and administration of all sources of clones for hemp or industrial hemp varieties that come from certified clone dealers

Hemp and CBD Brokerage Services

Our team has a deep network of hemp growers, processors and end-users

Will assist Client in finding a buyer and negotiating the best deal for their crop

Help processors source hemp growers as well as buyers for their finished products

Connect companies that want to contract a grower to raise hemp to their specifications

Financial Projections

  • Financial projections
  • Market Overview
  • Trends in the Hemp market, US and local market
  • Estimated P&L
  • Shock Analysis
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